Send your input to protect the Bristol Bay Watershed

Send your input to the EPA and let them know the value you place on the wild resources in the region now.Bristol Bay is:
• A 40,000-square mile wetland with nine major rivers
• Home of the world’s largest sockeye salmon run (30-60 million spawning a year)
• Host to one of North America’s leading king salmon populations
• The center of a $450 million-a-year fishing industry
• One of the last untouched areas on the planetPebble Mine would:
• Create an open pit mine up to two miles wide and 1,700 feet deep in Bristol Bay headwaters
• Dig an underground mine of a similar scale
• Dump up to 10 billion tons of perpetually toxic mine waste in the heart of the Bristol Bay watershed
• Be operated by and profit two foreign companies with a poor environmental record
• Potentially destroy salmon runs, other fishes, habitat and wildlife of this pristine area

Read more about the threat to the Bristol Bay Watershed.


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