American Rivers: Email – Tell Your Senator: Stop the assault on our clean water


Take action to protect America’s rivers

March 14, 2011

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Protect our clean drinking water

Tell your Senators that they must vote to protect rivers.
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Dear River Advocate,
There’s no sugar coating this. This is a direct attack on our rivers and your clean water.
The budget that the House has pushed through is the greatest single assault on the environment in recent memory. And we have to stop it.
Please contact your Senators and tell them that they must vote to protect rivers.
The House Republicans’ budget bill slashes this year’s remaining EPA budget by more than a billion dollars, and contains numerous amendments that would cripple the EPA’s ability to stop polluters from dumping toxic chemicals into our rivers.
The bill would put the profits of wealthy corporations ahead of protecting the water that we all depend upon.
It has special interest riders that would allow mining companies to dump waste into your rivers and continue to allow big factory farms to dump waste and fecal matter into the Chesapeake Bay. It would also block negotiations to protect the Klamath River and the San Francisco Bay Delta and prevent the protection of small streams that form our mighty rivers.

Tell your Senators to reject the reckless budget cuts proposed by the House and instead invest in protecting our clean water.

This battle may be won or lost in the Senate.
It’s time to reject corporate loopholes and special exemptions that threaten our rivers and our health and to instead invest in clean water and healthy rivers. Please contact your Senators today, tell them to stop this assault on our environment.
Thanks for your support,
Jim Bradley
Senior Director, Government Relations

American Rivers: Email – Tell Your Senator: Stop the assault on our clean water


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