First Felt Bans Implemented


First Felt Bans Implemented

   On March 22, Maryland implemented the first felt ban in the nation. Although Alaska and Vermont approved bans before Maryland, Maryland is the first to actually ban felt. Officials in the state carried out an aggressive outreach campaign to try and alert anglers about the change. However, many fishermen will be caught by surprise by the new regulation. Recognizing that there needs to be flexibility to allow the public an opportunity to adjust, the State has announced that for now only educational citations will be given to violators.  Read More

   Vermont is not far behind as their felt ban kicks in on April 1st. There was a legislative effort to delay the implementation for a year to allow for more outreach, the bill failed to move out of committee and the ban is scheduled to go into effect as planned.Read More

  In other felt news, bills proposing bans in Oregon and Montana are now dead. An Idaho Resolution recognizing the threat of transport and congratulating manufacturers who voluntarily eliminate felt is moving though the legislative process and appears likely to pass. There is still a bill in Maine that directs the Department to study the need for a ban that may be alive. Complete information about all felt bans is at   Status of Felt Restrictions in the USA