Field Notes – Noteworthy News from NY Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources


  • New Law Suspends the Recreational Marine Fishing License.
    Pursuant to legislation signed by Governor Cuomo on March 31, a recreational marine fishing license is no longer required to fish in the marine district of New York, including fishing for migratory fish from the sea (e.g. striped bass) on the Hudson River below the Troy Dam. The new law implements a no-fee registry to take effect, which will be implemented by DEC in early June. Further details regarding this change can be found in the DEC press release ( Additional information will be added shortly at: to answer frequently asked questions.



Photo courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

  • Return of the Woodcock!
    If you live near a wet, old field, chances are that you may have heard some unusual bird calls at dusk. American woodcock, which are one of the oddest-looking breeding birds found throughout New York State, return to breeding grounds in March and begin mating ritual calls that continue into May. The calls include a “peent,” a sort of buzzy, beeping sound made when the birds are on the ground, and a high-pitched, bubbly chirping sound made during an aerial courtship display overhead. DEC staff and cooperators will be conducting surveys to record the number of woodcock heard along more than 70 designated roadside routes throughout the state in late April to early May. Results of the surveys are used to monitor woodcock populations across North America. Recent trends have shown stable populations in the northeast despite long-term declines in woodcock populations from their preferred open habitats developing into forests. Get more information ( about these interesting migratory game birds. Also, visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website ( to listen to recordings of their mating calls, and identify whether the unusual noises you’ve been hearing in your area is the woodcock!
  • Free Fishing Clinics Kick Off This Weekend!
    Get the kids and family outside and learn some new fishing skills offered by DEC’s I FISH NY program at their 2011 Free Fishing Clinic Events ( Learn about fishing equipment, fishing techniques, New York’s fish species and the habitat they live in, and how DEC manages fish populations. All of these events are free and no fishing license is required to participate. Take a look at the schedule and find out who to contact for an event near you!

Upcoming Recreational Sporting Season Reminders

A complete list of sporting season dates can be found by following the appropriate links:

Field Notes – Noteworthy News from NY Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources


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