American Rivers


For the 26th consecutive year, today we announced America’s Most Endangered Rivers, a list of ten rivers facing urgent threats that call for our immediate, decisive action. These rivers’ futures are at a crossroads and decisions about their future health will be made in the coming year.

This year’s list focuses on an issue of concern to all Americans: clean water.

Sixty-five percent of our drinking water comes from our rivers and streams, but with floodwaters on the Mississippi River swelling to historic levels, and rivers nationwide at risk from gas drilling, sewage pollution, and other threats, the drinking water for millions of Americans is at risk.

Sadly, these ten rivers are not the only ones in danger. They are severe examples of the threats that rivers face nationwide. Our rivers need your help! Please sign the petition urging President Obama to make protecting our nation’s rivers and keeping our water clean a top priority.

Tell the President that we need to safeguard our communities and leave a healthy legacy for future generations. Sign the petition.

American Rivers


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