Beacon Water Quality Notification: Update #1, as of Friday evening 9/30/11


Riverkeeper returned to the Beacon Harbor discharge on Friday and found the flow from the pipe was stronger than when we sampled last on Friday September 23rd. The characteristic sewage smell and grey color were still evident. 

We sampled the water quality at 9 PM sharp, just before low tide when the sewage discharge was separate and distinct from river water. We were unable to resample earlier in the day because the tide was unusually high and up to the discharge pipe.

The Enterococcus levels were again higher than our measurement limit using a 1 in 10 dilution, >24,196 Entero per 100 ml.  That is greater than 397 times the EPA guideline for acceptable water quality for primary contact – 61 Enterococcus per 100/ml. The water from this discharge pipe is very contaminated with sewage.

As of 9/30, this discharge has been active since Friday the 17th (at least) when it was first reported to Riverkeeper  –  that’s 14 days. There was no signage or police tape at the site to warn the public against contacting the contaminated water.

testing tray

Sample tray from 9 PM, 9/30 sample, 1/10 dilution. All wells fluorescing indicating result >24,196 Entero per 100 ml – more than 397 times the EPA guideline for acceptable water quality (61 Entero per 100/ml).


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