Team up with Sonoran Institute to Help Protect the Colorado Delta

The Colorado River Delta (where the Colorado River ends in a series of wetlands at the Gulf of California) is less than 10% of its original size and getting smaller. Without a dedicated flow of water into the Delta, several indigenous communities (Cocopah in the U.S. and the Cucapa in Mexico), 380 bird species, and freshwater marine wildlife are in danger. To protect the Colorado River Delta: tell Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar to help save what Jacques Cousteau once called, “the aquarium of the world.”

Team up with Sonoran Institute to Help Protect the Colorado Delta

Photo It’s not a lost cause. With help from groups like the Sonoran Institute, there’s still a chance to return water to the Colorado River Delta, and make sure the mighty river once again reaches the sea. PETE MCBRIDE

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Working to restore water, life and hope to the Colorado River Delta.


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