Indian Point Synapse report

New York’s energy supply is secure and abundant even without electricity from Entergy’s Indian Point nuclear reactors, according to a new study commissioned by Riverkeeper and its partner, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

If Indian Point’s reactors are shuttered in 2015, as we believe they should be, New York will still have excess energy through 2020. By that time, we’ll have another 4,500 megawatts (two Indian Points!) of energy alternatives available to replace the power Indian Point generates today. This new power will be cleaner, far safer, and will ONLY cost the average home owner between $1 – 5 per month.

This authoritative new report undercuts Entergy’s longstanding argument that New York needs Indian Point’s power. Put simply, we don’t need Indian Point, and we can’t afford the risk of an accident at a nuclear plant just 35 miles from Midtown Manhattan.

Riverkeeper is fighting on multiple fronts to make this argument. We will lead state hearings beginning today, and federal hearings beginning soon, all with the goal of preventing Entergy from obtaining a 20-year extension on its license to operate Indian Point.

We’ve never been closer to our goal of shutting down this dangerous plant. To join Riverkeeper’s efforts, share this important new report with your friends and make a contribution to our Close Indian Point campaign.

Read more about the groundbreaking report on the TRUTH about New York’s energy future WITHOUT Indian Point on Riverkeeper’s website.
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