Now is the Time to Tell the DEC and Gov. Cuomo Not to Frack with NY’s Water!

Now is the Time to Tell the DEC and Gov. Cuomo
Not to Frack with NY’s Water!

don't Frack with NY Water graphic

The fracking threat is imminent. Albany could permit companies to drill for natural gas using high-volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in New York State starting as early as 2012—and without adequate protections for drinking water. Riverkeeper is filing detailed comments on the Department of Environmental Conservation’s proposed regulations, and the DEC and Gov. Cuomo need to hear from you, too. Personal expressions of your concerns are key to stopping the rush to frack, and the next two months offer the last meaningful opportunities for you to tell Albany what you think.  November will also be your last and only chance to attend a DEC hearing on this issue and have your voices heard. 

Your Fracking Checklist

Submit comments online or via mail on NY’s fracking proposal by Dec. 12;

Attend a public hearing on NY’s fracking proposal in November (join Riverkeeper at NYC hearing November 30); and,

Support Riverkeeper’s efforts to protect New York’s drinking water.

Get Started!

JoinRiverkeeper is a member-supported watchdog organization dedicated to defending the Hudson River and its tributaries and protecting the drinking water supply of nine million New York City and Hudson Valley residents. Contribute to this vital work, become a member today.
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