Video: Why Striped Bass Should Have "Game Fish Status"


Posted: 30 Nov 2011 12:57 PM PST

Striped Bass Gamefish from Taylor Vavra on Vimeo.

If you’ve found it difficult to make sense of all the arguments for giving the Atlantic striped bass “game fish status”——this film from Stripers Forever lays it all out for you. Some of the luminaries of saltwater fishing, from Lou Tabory to Rip Cunningham, weigh in on why this is an important fight for anglers. After you’ve watched the video, visit Stripers Forever online for more information and for tips on how you can help.

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3 comments on “Video: Why Striped Bass Should Have "Game Fish Status"

  1. I commend Brad Burn’s enthusiasm and drive, however videos like this drive a stake between comm. and rec. fishermen when we really need to begin working together. NOAA’s catch share program is a far more threatening nemesis to the striped bass fishery than any commercial enterprise.

    Please educate yourself about catch shares so we can move past the rec./comm. debate and save our right to fish period. Pick up an issue of the Big Game Fishing Journal or Google catch shares if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

  2. mayflytyer says:

    Captain, Thanks for your comment I will look further into this as you have suggested.

  3. Dean Clark says:

    You have missed one of the key components of granting stripers “game” status…… public stewardship! The recreational angling public is not going to get hyped up over catch shares or discard mortality or mycobacteriosis or any of the other many variables that effect the future of wild striped bass until the bass become “theirs” to take care of.

    If you were a wild striped bass or a deer or a trout or wild turkey or a…….., would you rather your fate be determined by those that
    value you on a dollar per pound basis when dead at market as things are now or instead, by folks that value you as a thriving species satisfying your many times higher value as a game or sport fish, bird or animal….. and have ownership responsibilities for your well-being?

    “Game status” is not a dirty word or socially destructive concept that is rooted in the bowels of Hell as some would like you to believe. It is at the foundation of all sound, contemporary wildlife and fisheries management when overseeing a limited and valuable public natural resource such as wild striped bass.

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