Swallow the Fly

Fly Tying.

Swallow the Fly is a band of anglers and tiers dedicated to growing and enriching the fine art of fly tying.  Collectively we have cranked out enough miles on our rotary vises to encircle the galaxy several times.  The fruits of this cosmic journey are borne out for you in the pages and patterns of this site.  Our mission is nothing more or less than providing you with the most comprehensive, best-photographed multi-species fly pattern database on the world wide web.*

Along the way we’ll do whatever we can to promote and encourage an outdoors culture based on a real understanding of aquatic ecosystems.  It’s a fact that we live in an era where knowledge of how dams, pollution, invasive species and poor stewardship impact our waterways is rare indeed, and we believe that spreading the gospel of the fly is one way to build the kind of ecological literacy that will best serve our waterways for generations to come.