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Low Trout Streams

Posted on February 2, 2012 by Harry

The mountain trout streams are low and the large trout are very wary. Many of these trout move into the heads of the pools where they feed along the sides of the incoming riffles on the natural insects which wash down the stream to them. Drag is seldom a problem here if you approach the pool from straight below this riffle. Stay below the pool and shoot long casts to the very edge of each side of the incoming riffle in the head of the pool. The straight currents here will give you natural drifts with your flies and it is not unusual to catch several trout on each side of the riffle.

Flies which work well for me at this time of the year include Murray’s Inchworm 14, Murray’s Housefly 16, Shenk’s Cricket 16 and the Mr. Rapidan Ant 16 & 18.

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