Defend the Colorado | Together We Can Save the Colorado River

Don’t let the Colorado River go down the drain. Let’s protect the Colorado way of life we love for future generations. Outdoor activities like fishing, rafting and camping depend on healthy rivers. Soon, 80% of the Upper Colorado could be diverted to supply Front Range communities, leaving only a trickle behind. Add your voice to protect the Colorado and Fraser rivers by signing our online petition (below). There is an option for including your comments.


Healthy mountain rivers are cold and clear, teeming with native fish and the insects they eat. Unhealthy rivers are warm, shallow, stagnant and devoid of native fish that once thrived there. Please sign this online petition to defend the Upper Colorado and Fraser rivers.

If Front Range water providers remove even more water from the Upper Colorado and Fraser rivers, these steps must be taken to protect these rivers and the people and wildlife that depend on them:

1. Managing the water supply to ensure adequate flows with seasonal flushing to clear out sediment and keep the rivers cool, clear and healthy.

2. Funding to deepen river channels and add streamside plants for shade.

3. Intensive monitoring of the rivers’ health and a commitment to take necessary steps if there are signs of collapse.

4. Creating a bypass to reconnect the Colorado River around the Windy Gap dam, helping to restore the river’s natural flow.

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