The House is poised to vote on legislation that would strip California’s ability to manage its own water supply, overturn more than a century of water law and gut important wildlife protections under the Endangered Species Act – all to benefit a handful of large agribusinesses in California’s Central Valley.
Contact your Representative to oppose this radical bill that puts the wants of a few powerful special interests over the needs of many others.
This so-called San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act would do sweeping damage, including:

  • Exempt corporate farms from having to comply with the Endangered Species Act when they withdraw massive amounts of taxpayer-subsidized water from the fragile ecosystem of the San Francisco Bay Delta.
  • Prevent California from using state law or even its constitution to manage its own water resources or to protect fish and wildlife in the Bay-Delta ecosystem.
  • Threaten the survival of California’s commercial and recreational fishing industry along with the thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars it contributes to the state economy. 

This irresponsible bill could be up for a vote as soon as Wednesday. Please tell your Representative to vote NO on HR 1837.
At a time when water resource conflicts are common throughout the West, this bill jeopardizes the positive, collaborative efforts of farmers, water districts, state and federal agencies and environmentalists to implement real solutions for the Central Valley.
This bill is a terrible precedent that would be bad for the environment, bad for salmon fishermen up and down the Pacific coast and bad for taxpayers. Please take action today.


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