Speak Out Now to Protect the Hudson River



Tappan Zee Bridge - Rob Friedman

Photo credit: Rob Friedman

The Hudson River needs you.  Governor Cuomo and State agencies involved are bent on pushing through a plan to replace the Tappan Zee Bridge at breakneck speed, while refusing to answer the public’s tough questions about cost, mass transit, impacts to the Hudson River and even the fundamental question of whether we need a new bridge in the first place.  It’s critically important that you take action now to protect the Hudson River and our communities from a fatally flawed and potentially destructive Tappan Zee crossing project.

The New York State Department of Transportation is rushing a project of historic size and impact, ignoring years of study and an outpouring of public criticism. Officials need to hear from you that we won’t accept a crossing without mass transit—and that New York must consider alternatives that will prevent environmental damage from a massive construction project in the Hudson River. Tell them you don’t want to be stuck with the tax bill and the tolls for a project that is obsolete from Day 1.

It is essential that Governor Cuomo and the agencies involved hear from the public. Hundreds have spoken out at public hearings about the need for mass transit; tell them you demand that the Hudson River be protected too. The opportunity to respond to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) ends on Friday, March 30.  The State is required by law to review and consider all public comments. Making a brief statement now is your best chance to make a difference.

We encourage you to express your own concerns or use Riverkeeper’s top concerns as a guideline. Riverkeeper will be filing detailed comments by the deadline. Submit your comments by mail, fax or email:
Michael P. Anderson
Project Director, NYS DOT
4 Burnett Boulevard
Poughkeepsie, New York 12603
Email: tzbsite@dot.state.ny.us
P: 877-892-3685
F: 845-454-7443



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