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I was looking through my computer stuff and came up with this site it is without a doubt one of the most informative sites for FlyFisherman on the Internet and all the info is free. Go take a look I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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knot tyer.

If you hit the “knot tyer” below it will take you to a page where at the bottom of the page is a Video that will show you how to use The Knot Tyer. This Knot Tyer really makes life easier I have used it for about 8 years now and would be lost without it

knot tyer.

Fly Fishing Xtreme presents The Shark Tooth

Finally the fishing world has a highly functional and easy to use tippet cutter. No more having to locate your nippers to cut tippet. Smooth cutting action of tippet up to 30 lb test also 65 lb braid lines are no match. Leaves perfect amount of exposed tippet after each cut. Eliminates tippet waste. Fits most tippet spools. It’s Reusable.

Shark Tooth Leader Control System

Tired of biting heavy lines with your teeth? The Shark Tooth was invented for convenience and revolutionizes the use of leader. With its sleek design and ultra smooth extractability there is nothing like it on the planet! Never fumble for nippers again! When finished cutting the desired length the tooth will be ready for the next extraction of line. The Shark Tooth leaves the same tag end length of line after every cut for simple extraction next time you need it, leaving the ends sharp and crisp every time. Tired of fumbling with line that falls back through the eyelets? This will never happen again!

Shark Tooth Leader Control System

Cutting braid is a pain in the ass and having your special nippers destroyed by these tough lines can be frustrating. With our patented stainless steel razor, slicing through braid has never been easier. 30 to 65 lb braid is no match for the Shark Tooth.

The Shark Tooth is also reusable after your spools are empty. Simply remove the band, place the line through the eyelet and stretch the band onto the next spool. These cutters are tough!

I have not had the opportunity to use this myself but it sure looks like it might be a real great tool to have.